App-Lock Face and Voice Recognition App


July 29, 2016AndroidNo comments

I have used so many apps for security on my smart phone but this app is the best from all of them. Because it is the only app that unites the feature of both face and voice recognition for providing security to its users.


So if you really want premium level of security for particular applications which are present on your smart phone, then you should try App-Lock Face/Voice Recognition which actually makes it very easy to lock all your apps on your smart phone or tablet which contain some private information. Actually this app puts the protection technology of the future in just a palm of your hands because this is the only app which combines face and voice recognition.

Here are the reasons why I recommend people to download App-Lock Face/Voice Recognition in their smart phone as a security app:

  • While using this app your face and voice would be your biometric keys that will open other applications, which will definitely gives you the maximum level of security.
  • App-Lock will permit its users to customize the level of security per app with expediency mode in which you could select either your voice or face and the other mode is Truly Secure mode which allows both voice and face recognition.
  • For families who use to share their devices, App-Lock presents security to only selected apps. Consequently, the children could easily play games while your photos, emails or texts would remain private.

Face/Voice Recognition App-Lock is available for free on Google play-store without ads. And it has almost more than 75,000 downloads along with the rating of 4.1 that is rising steadily since App-Lock 2.0 has been launched this year.

So you should try this free app which is powered by Sensory’s TrulySecure™ and is multimodal face and voice biometric verification technology, which use to combine with powerful speaker authentication and face detection algorithms for ensuring a flawless and secure practice.

You can free download app lock face and voice recognition app from Google Play Store here.