AnimaLines Best Free Game for iPhone and Android

by Ehsan on September 18, 2011


AnimaLines is an easy-to-play and very beautiful logical game for people of all ages. The game consists of a grid of size from 6×6 up to 9×9 squares. Cute tiny animals of 7 different species enter the grid from one to three at a time depending on a game level. Build horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of matching animals to group them into a row of 5 or more. After the line is formed, all animals in the pack disappear earning points for you and getting more space for the upcoming ones; no new animals enter the grid for that turn. Simply touch the tiny animal to make it move and then tap the square you want it to go to. The animal can move to a square only if there is an open path (i.e. combination of vertical and horizontal empty squares) from the source to the destination cell. Fun starts as you see it obey!

The game has excellent bright graphics and well-executed physics, and with each animal having its own character and a unique sound, it provides hours of entertainment.

The ultimate goal of the game is to group all the animals in rows so they all disappear leaving the board empty. That is a challenge I should say! Try at least earn as much scores as you can before the board is filled completely.

The simple interface is really easy for kids to pick up on, and even encourages matching and strategy thought processes as your kid is having fun building sets. It makes the game a perfect choice for parents to keep their kids busy with fun and educative entertainment. Spend a great time with your family playing altogether!

Key Features Of AnimaLines:

ü  Amazing animated graphics;

ü  Highest quality;

ü  Simple one touch control gameplay;

ü  Extremely addictive;

ü  Different beginner-oriented levels;

ü  2 modes: you compete against the clock struggling for those precious seconds or gather your scores at a leisurely pace to earn the highest score ever;

ü  Facebook integration – once it is activated your results are posted to your Facebook wall so you could brag how smart you are and/or challenge your Facebook friends.

To sum up, AnimaLines is simply fun and addictive – you won’t be able to put it down! Download for free now via AppStore. You can also download it for your Android devices from Android Market here.

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