Angry Birds Space Infographic

Angry Birds Space has already shown that it has a huge fan base following a stream of over 10 million downloads within the mobile gaming community and with developers Rovio already looking to increase their Angry Birds brand in to new and alternative business, they really do have their eyes set on becoming one of the major gaming titles in the world.

Due to their success of the original Angry Birds title, Rovio have been approached with a $2 Billion takeover bid from social gaming giants Zynga, an offer that was turned down by the Finnish based company but what is it that makes Angry Birds a brand worth more than $2 Billion? have created an infographic that not only offers you insight into the latest Angry Birds Space title but then compares the latest release to the complete brand on a number of different metrics.

You have to check out the statistics shown on the Angry Birds Space infographic to see the staggering figures and popularity of the brand as a whole, you will be shocked by the huge interest that the brand has received in such a short period of time.

Maybe this is why Rovio, the developers behind the series of games, have decided that their Angry Birds title and reputation is worth more than the $2 Billion that Zynga have offered to pay in order to get their hands on the game and all other aspects of a worldwide recognised brand?

This infographic was researched and put together by the guys over at who specilize in sourcing and offering some of the best online flash casual games such as Happy Wheels!

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