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The latest game from the Angry Bird franchise Angry Bird Space is finally arrived on March 22, 2012 by Rovio and it is available for free download on Google Play for Android. Right from the time this version was announced on February 2012 the excitement of the game lovers were soaring high. In this version of the game, the game developers have tried something new. They have added some freshness and variations along with a few new angry birds flinging at their foes.

Revamped Features

This latest version of the game is far refurbished than its predecessors with a number of exciting features. The game starts with a giant crow stealing angry birds’ eggs and the birds start chasing him and finally finding themselves floating in space surrounded by pigs. But finally they survive with the help of their super power.

Zero gravity is probably the best feature offered in this game as the gamer will never be able to predict the direction their birds will take after their impact with the object. Moon and sun and other planets are also there with the gravitational pull of their own adding a new element and some brain rubbing puzzles. It can be a thrilling to watch the birds circling a planet and flying in different ways while the number of gravity enabled planets increases from one to two.

Even the birds get makeover in this version of the game. The birds have become cooler than the earlier to fit themselves in the space. The Red bird has got a new pair of space age goggles. The Yellow triangle birds now fly faster than rockets. The color of starters is now jazzy purple. Last but not the least is the exploding bird and another one who has the power of splitting itself into three have also got the make-over. Now the gamers will get the facility to select the direction of the birds simply by tapping the place on the screen. The game has also got a brand new square and iced-colored bird that can freeze its surroundings.

This game is no longer limited to tablets and smartphones and can be played on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android phones here. It will soon be available on Windows phones.

The background score of this game is quite catchy. Those who do not like playing games on mute will like the music. The music is quite similar to that of Star Trek theme music that will add a subtle touch to the avid gamers who will feel themselves of being in the new galaxy.

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Angry Bird Space is the perfect game for the people fascinated towards the puzzle games on their smart phones. The refreshing look and exciting features are the main attraction of this game. Moreover, you can free download Angry Bird Space from Google Play here.

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