Android Most Funniest Puppit App Ever for Free

Puppitapp is an Android application that replaces and animates your incoming call screen. Instead of a boring contact picture, Puppitapp provides lively animations of your friends singing along with your ringtone. Watch as they sing, and customize their animations with costumes and props (glasses, hats masks and more).

Puppitapp allows users to easily animate their friends, share their animations, and replace their call screen. Every time friends call, their new animated picture will appear.

To make sure you will not lose interest, PuppitApp will offer future downloadable extension packs, so you can keep on playing and animating your friend with new props and animations.

The PuppitApp team created the application to make routine phone call from a friend, boss or anyone else – a little bit funnier.

Dreadful calls from your boss or parents turn into giggles and laughs instead. Calls from your loved ones become an animated tribute to them, with rotating hearts and romantic gestures.

How does it work?

The application automatically identifies all the contacts in the user’s phone and places caricature singing lips on their actual lips. Musical notes float as your contact sings along with your ringtone.

While the basic animation is enough for giggles and laughs, Puppitapp adds an elaborate customization screen to allow you to fully adjust the animation:
1. Replace the contact’s lips with a set of animated singing lips.
2. Replacing contact’s picture with a new picture – simply take a new photo with the phone’s built in camera, or choose out of the phones image galleries.
3. Add funny animations and images from our various extensions packs, including hats, glasses, masks, shapes and much more.
4. Automatic facial recognition makes placement of props easier than ever. Hats will instantly land on the users’ heads, while glasses will be automatically placed on their eyes.
5. Purchase and download a variety of extensions that will be available via Android Market.

Checkout the funny demo of Puppitapp.

The application is free to users with extension pack upgrades available in Android Market here.

2 Responses to “Android Most Funniest Puppit App Ever for Free”
  1. Dave

    Funny. LOL

  2. Mike Roll

    Great up! Funny as hell!

    Animated my boss and laughed my butt off every time he called.

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