Android Call Recorder App Total Recall 2 Review


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Call recording is a vital and important feature which many phones lack. There are many apps and software which have been produced time and again to provision users with this facility but not all of these apps are very user friendly. Mostly over time these apps fell out of line and no one heard about them anymore. Their market popularity dwindled and soon they became a thing of the past. But with the introduction of the Android Call Recorder App this has drastically changed. This app is specifically designed for Android phones and is one of the most guaranteed and reliable apps out there in the market designed for this purpose just yet.

call recorder app

Android Call Recorder App Features:

The app contains features to instantly upload the recorded call to any user or even send them to an account on Gmail, Drop Box, Google Drive, Ever-note and even Box. The recording controls of the app are very user friendly and simple to use. Without dealing in intricacies or complications, the app does not require a manual to follow or any instructions or hints for users to understand its methodology of work.

call recorder app

For users who require support however, they can acquire that via email and the multiple forums upon which hints and tips can be found. Use of the Android Call Recorder App enables users to manually record calls or do so by means of selection of specific contacts and numbers. Their does exist the option for password protecting the app and enhance the privacy level. Wherever the recordings are saved and stored is completely under the power and control of the user. Whether you wish to share it or immediately send them to any account or user or even delete them after recording, it is entirely up to you.

android call recorder app

The app is found in many different languages and can be customized to suit the user’s language of choice. From amongst the many languages that make up the contents of the app are English, Spanish, Italian and Polish.


Plenty of additional features are also provisioned. Taking a quick overview of the app is highly useful and navigation is not an issue. You can free download Android Call Recorder app from Google Play here.

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