Android Best Bookmark Browser Webstart Review


August 4, 2014AndroidNo comments

Webstart Bookmark Browser is an application that is capable of simplifying your web start. The app features a built-in browser. You can order the web under categories of AZ, USER & frequently used. There is a customization ranking feature too that lets you make use of drag and drop option. This application has been designed by ML Media.

Android Best Bookmark Browser Webstart:

Webstrart is a user friendly web designing tool that makes it possible for you handle it all.  As you build the pages, you can see them right away. All the changes you make will be visible with one refresh.  All the changes you will make will be easy and everything is going to be on your fingertips. You can set categories and then assign them tags such as tech, sport, job, classified and any other you like.

Here are some of the features of Webstart Bookmark Browser

  • Built-in browser
  • Load web icon
  • Add and delete bookmark
  • Google search
  • Voice dictation of the keyboard
  • Automatic cash deletion
  • Desktop and mobile version of sites available
  • Customized ranking
  • Option of sharing via twitter, SMS, email, Skype, WhatsApp and more
  • Supports standard web browsers like opera, Firefox, chrome

The app works well with the browsers of USA, Russia, India, UK, Germany, Brazil, Czech and Slovakia. More countries will be added soon.  This app will simplify your web browsing experience. It’s available for free and it’s easy to install. You simply have to download the setup and follow the instructions for installing the app. It’s ready to use, you won’t have to install any plug-ins for further using it. In order to use this application, you will need Android 2.1 versions to its minimum.

Webstart Bookmark Browser has received an upgrade. Now it comes with the fixed rotation refreshing feature and it also lets you add Hungary webs. It also features translation.  These features have made the application much more usable.