Always BHappy iPhone App


August 5, 2014Apps iPhoneNo comments

Always BHappy is an iTune application designed by Ana Isabel Chimeno.  It has been emerged from a Spanish expression “Sé feliz siempre”.

This application will let you take challenges both individually and in group.  There are diary proposals in which psychology experts have taken part to design something challenging for the users. It all depends on the user whether he wishes to complete the proposal or not.

When you will fulfill the proposal and as you move ahead, you will get to unblock a number of trophies and scores.  The more points you earn, the more proposals you will unblock.  These proposals are designed for increasing the happiness of the users. each proposal will bring a different set of challenge that will let you mind grow.

Always BHappy iPhone App:

When you will download the application, you will get a free pack which will have 30 proposals. These proposals are meant for complimenting your house. You will be invited each day for completing each one of them. As you will move forward, you will receive new points and you will get a chance to get new packs.  If you are disturbed with something that is annoying you, then just download Always BHappy and enlighten your mood. You can easily purchase new packs and each pack will contain 30 proposals.

Always BHappy is totally free.  Each time you complete a proposal, you will be surprised to see the new pack you will get. The game has been upgraded so now you can invite your friends and challenge them by sending them a proposal through an email.

Always BHappy is easy to install on your iDevices.  It features iOS 6 and later versions and it’s compatible with iPod, iPad and iPhone 5. The error reporting has been improved, so now it’s going to be easier to play the game. So complete your proposal, and you will be surprised to receive the best.

As you will move ahead in the game, the challenges you will face will let you see a change in yourself.  The game is easy to play. You will just have to understand the basics and then in no time, you will get to complete the proposals.