Alien Invasion Smasher Hit an action game for Adventure


April 1, 2016Android GamesNo comments

Alien Invasion Smasher Hit is an action game. This game is suitable for all human being. There is no restricted age boundary to playing this action game. It’s a brand new game. This game is about to Alien and its Invaders, your mission is to wipe them from earth and send them to isolation capsules to avoid their Specie to spread. Smash the Invaders before the alien swarm grows too big for your smashing Speed. Aliens are disgusting the entire thing at their step

Feel the massive power of your fingers in this incredible journey. Destroy all the creatures in advance, but you´ll have to be alert; the aliens are not going to give up without giving a fight. Even if they don´t possess powerful laser guns or any additional arms, they count only with their cleverness: somehow the alien kings managed to infiltrate the defense weaponry storage and steal atom bombs! They´ll try to divert you making amusing sounds and doing eccentric faces to throw bombs disguised as one of them. Don´t fall into their traps! Stay away from touching the atom bombs or you´ll cause a huge outburst; this will make you lose. This is not a simulator! More Spaceships are landing filled with swarms of creatures out of this world; hungry for making the Earth their new home.

Features of Alien Invasion Smasher Hit 

  • Increasing Difficulty- Endless Fun!
  • No need to be Online to Play!
  • Save & Pause your Game
  • Simple Action Game Easy to Play
  • Crazy Blasts, Boosters & Bombs Shield
  • Enjoy the #1 Addicting Smasher for FREE!!!

The game play is easy, no complicated rules. Just tap to smash the aliens. The controls can be handled with one hand, as it´s a one-touch dynamic, High Quality graphics and cartoon looking creatures making cheerful sounds to cause a distraction are surely going to make you smile.

Remember one thing Don´t let their funny aspect fool you! These are risky Creatures, so you better rush to smash them; this will cause a melting effect that these aliens simply can’t accept. Remember that film where country music made the Alien’s heads explodes? Well… something like that will occur if you melt & isolate them. Become the Smashing Hero & End The Invaders Rampage! Unlock Powerups & Crusher Boosters while Winning High Scores and placing your Name in Our Leader boards! Share with your Friends and Family your Invader Adventure With Alien Invasion Smasher Hit for Free!!!

You Can Free Download: Alien Invasion Smasher Hit