8 Must have iPhone Apps for Small Business


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Taking advantage of Technology for your business is a must in order to succeed. There are loads of apps for iPhones and iPads aimed at the business owner that are designed to assist you in all aspects of business. Here is a selection of the best and how they can help you.

8 Best iPhone Apps for Small Business:

1. Ever Note:

Ever out and about and remember something you need to do or think of an ingenious idea for your business? The thought passes and later your try to re-call it but can’t. Well not anymore! Ever note allows you to make notes in all the forms you could possibly need. Including written form, voice recorded notes, pictures and photos. Now you can stay organised even when you are out of the office.

evernote iphone app

2. JotNot Scanner:

This app allows you to scan documents and save them as PDF’s and email them or add them to over apps such as Ever note.


3. iMargin Professional:

This clever little app works out profit margins for you. It calculates sale prices and tax costs to come up with a profit margin, displaying this in numbers but also graphs too.

4. Dropbox:

Dropbox allows you to take all your documents with you where ever you go. You will need to install it on your computer too, once this has done every time you update your files on your pc your drop box will update meaning the new files are now on your phone too!

As a business man, you must be a multilingual or at least translate other language with the help of iPhone. So you must have iPhone language learning app.

5. Business Card Reader:

If you attend regular meetings and networking events I imagine you end up with handfuls of business cards every time. This app allows you to scan business cards saving all the details for you. So when you need someone’s contact details they are all saved in a handy list on your phone.

business-card-reader iphone app

6. Hootsuite:

For most businesses social media should be part of your business plan. Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media platforms from one place. So now you don’t need to individually log on and check each social media platform. Hootsuite lets you pre-schedule posts or tweets so you can be tweeting every hour of every day without even being on twitter.

7. WordPress:

If your website is running on word press this handy app lets you edit your site on the go. If you are on a train and notice a mistake on your site, no longer do you have to wait until you can get to a computer, you can correct it then and there. You can moderate comments, add images and videos and change and post content all from this app.

8. Paypal:

If you work freelance you will know a lot of people who out source work prefer to pay on Paypal. Manage your incoming and outgoing Paypal payments with the Paypal app.

paypal iphone app

These are my personal pick of the top apps that could help almost any business owner. Do some research to find what apps will work best for you. If you are starting a new business there are apps to help you along and offer business advice.

Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of New Business and would reccomend them for business related advice.

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