8 Most Useful iPhone apps for Medical Students, Health care Practitioners and Doctors

by Ehsan on January 7, 2013


Medical animated videos are short films that are used to learn and educate about various medical terms and diseases. In this new era of technology this animated video technology helps lots of medical professionals and students alike to learn and understand complex terminology of medical science. People always want to make their life easier and that is how the use of animated medical video applications comes into way. With the increased usage of smart devices, the necessity of such mobile applications is increasing every day.

I would also like to recommend 5 best free education apps and 5 best interesting apps for students.

There are lots of free and paid medical applications available for iOS and Android devices. Today I’m going to describe some incredible iPhone/iPad applications which are tremendously helpful for medical students, nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals.

List of 8 Most Useful iPhone apps for Medical Students, Health care Practitioners and Doctors:


Medscape iphone app

This free iOS application was first released in summer 2009 and supportive for medical professionals nurse and students. It allows a person to access fast drug reference tools, evidence based disease and condition reference. Apart from these, it is also helpful to know important medical news by specialty. This application is supported by iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5 and it is a free application.


Epocrates iphone app

This application provides Drugs interactions, pill identifier, drug info and medical calculator.  It is suitable for iPhone, Ipod Touch, and Ipad & also supported by iPhone 5.  Epocrates is a 4+ rated application on Apple App Store and there are both free and paid versions available for download.


iRadiology iphone app

iRadiology is an educational application for medical students or residents. You can also download this app for fun. It allows for rapid analysis of standard radiology cases during rounds or clinical revolution. This application doesn’t need any internet connection and iOS user can easily use it.

Anatomy Pronunciations

Anatomy Pronunciations iphone app

Anatomy pronunciation is an application that allows you to know the perfect pronunciation of different anatomic terms.  This application is perfect solutions for the student of human anatomy course.


Skycape iphone app


With skycape, medical professionals can find the right answer in right way. This application is planned for iPhone and iPad & both paid and free versions are available .it also includes the resources such as RxDrugs, Archimedes medical calculators and med Alert drug information.


NeuroMind is the number 1 application for neurosurgery in the world and recommended three times by iMedicalApps. It provides a huge variety of information on basic neuro-anatomy. The latest version of this application has 113 scores and recommended by Neurology International, European Associations of Neurological Societies (EANS) and Neurosurgic.com

Eponyms (for students)

Eponyms is suitable for medical students. It contains more than 1700 medical eponomys with brief explanations.  Eponomy is an ideal app for anyone interested on medical eponyms. This is a 4+ rated application on iTunes Store and totally free for medical students.


MedCalc iphone app

MedCalc is one of the most popular medical calculators on the iTunes App Store.  MedCalc gives you easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications. This application is specifically developed, designed and optimized for iPhone screen.

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