7 Best iPhone Apps For Your Finances

by Guest Author on February 28, 2012


Need help with your finances? Have an iPhone? If so, you can put your mobile device to work helping you manage your money better. All you need are these great iPhone apps:

1. Mint.com
Mint.com is a well-known and widely-used service for tracking your spending and managing all your accounts in one place and is now available to iPhone users. With a secure server login, this app allows you to input information for cash accounts, credit cards and investments. You can also setup bill reminders, view your spending habits, establish a budget and find the best deal on almost any purchase. Everything is updated in real-time so you’re never behind. Even better, this app is completely free.

2. Groupon
Never miss a great deal again with the Groupon app for iPhone. As a free service the Groupon app will send daily deals for your location straight to your phone each day, while you can also search manually for the best prices on shoes, pizza, entertainment and much more. You can download and redeem these deals straight from your iPhone as well, so you no longer need to waste money on coupon printing.

3. ATM Hunter
Out of cash? No worries, so long as you have the ATM Hunter app for iPhone. You can search for the nearest ATMs for your bank, or for merchants that accept MasterCard Paypass. It’s also location-aware, so you don’t have to input your address or location to find what you need. Use this app for the convenience and the ability to avoid paying costly ATM fees ever again.

4. GasBuddy
Rising gas prices have long been at the crux of complaints surrounding the national recession. Drivers have done everything to cut back, and now the iPhone is here to help. The GasBuddy app is an accompaniment to the hugely-popular website, so you can now find the best gas prices when you need them most. For travelers, commuters or anyone who has a vehicle and a tight budget, this free app is indispensable.

5. Grocery Gadget Shopping List
You’ll never need to scribble down a grocery list again with this handy iPhone app. Not only can you save frequently-bought items, share your lists, scan coupons and barcodes and comparison shop with ease, you can add prices to items as you buy them, helping keep you on track and on budget. It’s not a free app but it pays for itself after just one or two shopping trips free from overspending.

6. Expensify
There are two versions of this app, Lite and Expense Reports, and although it’s built to aid traveling business people almost anyone can benefit from it. Hate tracking receipts? Just snap a picture of each one and this app will automatically upload the data for you. It’s great for tracking a budget, recording tax-deductible expenses, tracking mileage and much more, and you can even create automatic expense reports. Simplify your life and save money now.

7. Save Benjis
We all know that one of the best ways to save money is to comparison shop. Unfortunately, that can be a pretty big hassle most of the time, but the iPhone app Save Benjis can help. Simply search for an item by the product name, number, publisher or by barcode scanning, and you’ll instantly get a list of price quotes from sellers worldwide. Even better, you’ll get to see in-store offers and coupons for even bigger savings. For only 99 cents, this app can save your budget every time.

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