5 Free Mac Games of 2013 Must Try

Mac gaming has been quite popular for the last couple of years, the gaming application is delivered well and is quite supportive. Each year there is only improvement in the gaming era of Mac. If you are new at Mac , and you want the most popular and games of fame then we have piled them up for you. They’ll keep you up to date and quite refreshing as the games are entertaining and splendid with graphics and controls. Mac provides you with the thousand of games, out of which best 5 Free Mac Games are listed below. You may checkout the list of top 5 free mac apps of the year.

List of 5 Free Mac Games of 2013:

Checkout the list of top 5 best Free Mac Games.

1. Facade for Mac:

Façade is a game of a couple named Grace and Trip. It is basically a human interaction game portrayed with the help of technology. The emotions are controlled by computer and hence making it even more fascinating to play. The best part is when you switch characters, you develop a better apprehension of interactions.

grim-facade-mystery-venice app[qrcode content=”https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/grim-facade-mystery-venice/id511091340?mt=8″ foreground=”#000000″ background=”#FFFFFF” size=”3″ padding=”1″ ec=”M” class=”aligncenter” width=”117″ height=”117″]


2. The Sims 2 for Mac:

The Sims 2 for Mac is one of the most popular free mac game. It can help you play a sitcom by choosing one of five different dedications including fame, luck, family, knowledge and romance. These dedications in the Mac game life provides the Sims with the wants and fears , that is the core of the game. Hope you bring them out of their mingled minds and help them achieve the success.

sim 2 for mac app

Price: Update , 44.99 to buy


3. Solitaire XL for Mac:

Solitaire is a simple cards game like windows. In Mac, it is more easy to use and play with a distinguishing interface. The best feature of this app is that it takes only a few megabytes of your computer space. Displaying the higher scores makes you beat them down more next time. Fun , fun & fun .

peg solitaire xl mac app

Price: Free


4. Plants vs Zombies for Mac:

Plant vs Zombies for Mac is now available as well. The main ambition of this game is to attain the pleasure of the gamer by saving himself from a zombie by planting in its way. The plants have different variations that can harm zombie in carious ways to keep you alive and safe.

plants vs zombies mac app

Price: Free to try, $19.95 to buy


5. Spider-Man for Mac

Spider man is a adventurous game based on comic series by Marvel. Peter Parker is provided with splendid powers to hold up the action and keep the world in peace .Spidey kicks the evil butts off the buildings using his scrambled webs against the sinister evil villains.

spider-man-total-mayhem mac app

Price: Update



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