5 Best weight loss iPhone apps


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Women have always been conscious about their weight. Not just women, who wouldn’t want to be fit? The perfect diet is always questioned, what to eat, how to stay fit, and particular diets to fit oneself. iPhone apps once again make your task simpler. Want to make smart food choices? Great, these are the following apps that allow you to do just that. I would also like to recommend you 5 best iPhone app to manage your diet plan.

List of 5 Best weight loss iPhone apps:

5. Weight Watchers Mobile:

This application is designed for both iPhones and iPads and you can use the program anytime and anywhere! It allows you to keep track of your food consumption, weight and activities. You can share your food memories and review your weight with impressive charts. Don’t know what to eat? No problem, you can search for over 150,000 food items,meals and even recipes. You can search for healthy diet details and other health concerns. If you are interested in attending a weight watching meeting, the application can find the locate the closest meeting for you. If you have trouble concerning your living style, the app can help you convert your environment into into a comfort zone that suits you. You can take pictures of your meal and add it to the list of your preferences an d you can create a whole new list of healthy habits for yourself. All that you require to take care of your health has been wrapped into a simple-to-use application.

lose it weight loss iphone app

4. LIVESTRONG.COM – Calorie Tracker – Your Diet and Fitness Calorie Counter for Better Health:
Want to lose weight fast? Livestrong.com can help you decrease your weight to the desired amount. It does so by keeping track of your daily consumption, tracks your progress and sets goals for you. You can also look at the million food and fitness items. Calories can easily be calculated and you can determine how many calories a particular exercise or activity can burn. It’s not just about losing weight, it can also help you gain weight, either way. The application is easy to use and has an efficient tracking system. Food items can easily be searched for in the database. Your weight is displayed using a chart which is very well explained and easy to understand. Having trouble with sticking to your initiative to lose weight? No worries, the application contains a motivational community that will inspire you to stick to your goals unlike most fitness apps. It’s not just about food, the application also contain keeps track of your water consumption. You can personalize your goals and it sends you daily reminders concerning your health to keep you set to your goal. It can be used anywhere and anytime, most efficient to keep you acknowledged about your health.

calorie-tracker iphone app

3. Lose It!
This is also one of the most efficient and easy to use weight-loss apps. You can keep a log of your intake, track food items with particular food items, log packaged foods quickly with an impressive scanner, set up food recipes and add new foods and activities. The best part of the application is that it requires no internet connection! It is simple and easy to use and there is no bother of advertisements! You can set up a free LoseIt.com account to gain access to additional features and you can receive badges as you get closer to your own. You’ll receive a general update of your progress and reminders of your meals. You can log in and update and share with friends, as you please. The settings of view are in your hands. It even keeps you linked to facebook and twitter, you can make updates on your will. There is no worry of losing data as a backup is kept. By using this application you’ll lose the weight with no complications.
lose it weight loss iphone app
2. Fooducate – Diet Tracker & Healthy Food Nutrition Scanner:
This is the right application to improve your diet and health. Like other applications it allows you to keep track of your diet and activitie however unlike the others, it allows you to scan bar codes and find particular items. It is much more in-depth with health and more detailed. You can identify the vitamins within a food product and discover it’s pros and cons. You can create your own shopping list, share with the community and keep updating to your track. If you have any confusions you can even submit an item for analysis! The applications lets you know of ingredients that the manufacturers don’t want you to notice. All you have to do is pick an object and the app does the rest! Fooducate includes an entire database of products such as those from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other private labels. Fooducate grades your product correctly. If you are looking for right and honest help with your health, this is the right app.
fooducatte healthy diet iphone app

1. Nike Training Club:
This is the perfect work-out app. It contains workouts from 30-45 minutes and you can select the suitable one for yourself and the goal you have set.There are over a hundred drills built on the fundamentals of strength and core training and workouts from famous celebrities and athletes. Not just that, it also contains NTC workouts and audio guidance that keeps you motivated towards your task and guides you. You can track your workout and even share it. To keep you from getting bored you can set up your own music library to listen to while working out, The application is quite simple and the steps to use it are easy to comprehend. Detailed instructions are given and audio support to keep you on your track towards your goal. The workouts are an efficient way to keep you fit and healthy. Just try the workouts and watch the effects play.

nike-training-club iphone app


Must checkout 5 best iPhone apps for woman’s. Stay tuned for more cool stuff :).


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