5 Best Selling Android Games of 2013


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Selecting best selling Android game is difficult job, because there are million of Android games are available in Google Play. But you don’t need to worry about this, today we compile a list of  top 5 best selling Android games of 2013. The Android has the strong potential to be best selling gaming device. You can check the range of Android apps in the app Store. If you are looking for the best games to play on your Android Device. Following is the list of the 5 best selling Android games.

Best Selling Android Games

List of 5 Best Selling Android Games of 2013:

1. Best Selling Android Game No 1: Asphalt 7: Heat (0.99$):

Asphalt Heat is the racing game of cars. Asphalt 7 is the stunning, newest publication in the series. You can drive 60 different cars that are built by the most impressive manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin. The best part of the game is that you can gear up to the race on 15 tracks that are set in the real cities. The unique feature of this game that is making is more popular and best selling app in the list of the Android applications is Multiplayer option. You may checkout top 5 best racing games for Galaxy S3.

  • Asphalt 7 Heat qr codePlay this game with your up to 5 local friends or the online friends.
  • You can also find the online opponents.
  • Your achievements and your all challenges are shown to you.
  • You have 6 different games modes.
  • This game has the superb graphics.
  • Easy to Play

2. Best Selling Android Game No 2: Angry Birds Space (0.99$):

Angry Birds Space is the number one game that is played in space. There are the new birds in this game with new type of the superpowers they have whole space to explore. No limit is there for the space. This game is equally popular among youngsters and elders. The beautiful graphics of this game is making it best selling app. There are hidden bonus levels in this game. There are the beautiful backgrounds in this app.
Angry Birds Space qr code


  • 150 levels
  • New Superpowers.
  • Zero Space Gravity.
  • The new birds.
  • Bonus levels that are hidden in the game.
  • Amazing sounds and the graphics.
  • Beautiful and the colorful Backgrounds of the levels.

3. Best Selling Android Game No 3: Spell Tower (1.99$):

Spell Tower is the amazing words game. This game is easy to play and is addictive. You are able to pick the words wisely. There are 5 modes in the game. You can also challenge your online friends to play this game with you. This game is used by the all age groups. Challenge your brain and then check that what your intelligence level is. Enjoy any mode you are free to choose the mode of game.

  • spell tower qr codeMultiplayer
  • Challenge your friends or Online People.
  • The strategy of the words i’d awesome.
  • Tower Mode: Try and get highest scores in this level.
  • Puzzle Mode: Every word you are going to make is going to add the new row of the letters
  • Extreme Puzzle Mode: Increased word length and is for the Expert level.
  • Rush Mode: The row of letters builds over time.
  • Debate Mode: Its helps you to play to Multiplayers.
  • Score Loop: The Score Loop is the leaders boards.

4. Best Selling Android Game No 4: Cut the Rope (1.94$):

This is the Puzzle game. In this game there is Monster named as Om Nom he has to solve the puzzles using the special tools like the pulleys and by catching the stars to store the candy. This is the app loved by all kids because of the adorable characters and the superb graphics.

  • 7 level Packs.
  • 175 levels.
  • Innovative Physics gameplays.
  • Superb Graphics.
  • Stunning characters.
  • Superpowers.
  • Best Puzzle games.
  • Popular in kids.
  • The Great Style.
  • Boosting Energetically Sounds

5. Best Selling Android Game No 5: Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit (5.91$):

Need for Speed is the racing game .This game has superb graphics and the supercars. The supercars includes Pagani. There are the different ranking levels. You are able to handle the racers with EMP locks. You are also able to do the actions like jamming. Try free version of Need for Speed.

  • Progress through the 48 events.
  • Need for Speed Hot Pursuit QR code
  • Experience the game being the racers in this racings game application.
  • Super Cars.
  • Stop the racers cold by using Maneuvers.
  • Road Blocks.
  • Spike Strips.
  • Stunning racing Sounds.
  • Awesome graphics and the colors of the tracks.

List of above 5 best selling Android games really helps you to buy best game to play. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more cool stuff.


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