5 Best iPhone Safety Apps


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iPhone Safety Apps:

With so many apps on the market now, it’s hard not to find exactly the one you’re looking for. And when it comes to safety, you can never really be too safe. So why not combine the two: apps and safety?

That’s exactly what these 5 awesome apps do. Give some of these cool apps a try, and keep yourself and your family safe on the go, no matter where you go.

List of 5 Best iPhone Safety Apps:

5. SafetyGrid

If you’re ever out walking alone and feel slightly uncomfortable doing so, this free app is here to help you.

It’s basically a mobile “panic” button that connects with up to 5 of your contacts stored in your iPhone (you choose the 5 ahead of time) in the case of an emergency. If the panic button is hit, the app will send an emergency alert message to the 5 people that you choose as your emergency contacts alerting them to the fact that you are in danger.

The GPS function of your iPhone then sends your real-time location to your emergency contacts so that someone can come and help you. It also allows you to make a quick, one-touch call to 911 at the same time as your emergency alert messages are being sent.

This app is especially growing in popularity amongst college-age girls who tend to find themselves in more dangerous situations than most. It can be incredibly helpful in the case of an emergency if you are alone.

4. Pocket First Aid & CPR

This app from the American Heart Association allows you instant, mobile access to detailed written and video instructions on CPR and basic survival skills.

In addition to the emergency CPR instructions this app provides, it also allows you to store medical record information right within the app. The information is then displayed on your iPhone’s home screen before it is even unlocked.

A message saying the iPhone owner’s name, address and emergency contact information comes up on the same screen as the “Slide to Unlock” message, and notes that for more medical information, to simply go into the First Aid & CPR app.

This is a great app that ensures that if something ever happens to you while you are alone, an emergency responder will be able to have instant access to your medical information. Or, if you ever encounter an emergency situation in which you need to perform CPR, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to do so.

For the $1.99 that the app will cost you, it could in the long run end up saving a life.


Yes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has its own app.

This free application is packed with all sorts of emergency preparedness tips for all kinds of situations. It also provides information on emergency shelter locations and gives you the opportunity to plan out emergency meeting places in case you get separated from friends or family during an emergency.

If you survive a disaster, there is a place in this app where you can receive information on where to go and what to do to receive help, or if you’d like to contribute to disaster relief, there is info on how to donate and where to bring emergency supplies.

The app also includes an emergency supplies checklist so that you can make sure you are prepared in the event of a disaster. There is also a section that tells you what to do before, during and after a disaster so that you’re prepared for anything.

2. Life360 Family Locator

Life360 is an awesome free app that lets you keep track of your entire family better than any other app on the market.

Family members can “check in” at various locations to ease the worrying minds of apprehensive parents, and the GPS function of the iPhones provides the exact location of the check in point. It also gives you one convenient place where all members of the family can send messages to each other regarding where they are, what they’re up to and if they are in trouble and need help.

It allows “quick messages” to be stored so that short messages can be sent with little to no effort whatsoever. If a panic message is sent by any member of the family, the location of the person in trouble along with the panic message is sent in a iPhone call, text message and email to all family members.

This app can completely replace the “Call me when you get there” check-in that parents love to have their children do. It’s easy to remember to check in wherever you go and it can help you stay safe, knowing that your family is just a push of a button away.

1. Type ‘n’ Walk

Originally conceived as a joke to poke fun at people who can’t seem to go anywhere without texting, often running into things or putting themselves in danger of being hit by oncoming traffic, the Type ‘n’ Walk app is a $0.99 app that actually lets you see what is in front of you while you type on your iPhone.

The app uses your iPhone’s camera technology to create a transparent view in the background of a text message screen so that you can see obstacles that are coming up in front of you without ever having to look up from your screen.

This, in combination with your own peripheral vision, is the perfect solution to walking and texting or emailing. Now you can safely continue your conversation or finish composing that ever-important email while walking across the street!

Sarah Barnes is a freelance writer who loves her smartphone technology and loves safety. She knows several social security disability lawyers just in case anything ever happens to her, but between her iPhone and her own personal safety standards, she considers herself a very prepared person for emergencies.

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