5 Best iPhone Apps for Photographers


March 20, 2013iPhone2 Comments

iPhones having 4-inch (diagonal) widescreen Multi-Touch display. The brilliant iPhone touch makes the click of a camera even more fascinating. It is clear that the iPhone is developed for all the age groups and so does the photographs. A photograph is a memory catcher.

We are also grateful to the app store. There’s a humongous collection of applications specifically designed for iPhone photographers or the ones who loves to capture photos.  The iPhone has the feature of improved video stabilization and photo and video tagging, keeping the users engaged and happy.

Mostly there are games apps and the ones to make things done but this time there are camera applications banging.

You’ll find tons of great apps but here are the 5 best iPhone Apps for Photographers. If you are really crazy about photography then i would like to recommend you some other amazing 5 best free photo editing iPhone apps.

List of 5 Best iPhone Apps for Photographers:

1. Camera+ by tap tap tap:

best iPhone app for photographers

Camera+ is one of the best iPhone app for photographers.  iPhone apps have set a new horizon with access to the photographic technology as well. Camera+ has the innovative features like the addition of borders and a nice slider for zooming during snapping photos. Also adjusting the angle and a number of fascinating features are awaiting the users. A new version 3.7.1 is out as well.

Price: $0.99


2. Camera Awesome:

camera awesome iphone app

Camera awesome has one of the finest interfaces. You can now use the volume button for the photographs and videos. Pretty Awesome.  It has a two great grey menubars . In the top menu bar there’s a “awesomeize” filters which you can apply as soon as you click for your snap.  In the bottom menu bar you have the photo gallery and different shooting mode buttons. Awesomize for free!

Price: Free.


3. True HDR:

true hd iphone app

What is True HDR ? True HDR is an extremely basic tool conceived for merging shots with different settings. It truly implements the auto capture feature and while you hold still without the tripod. It is more fun to be handled for those who knows a way around their cameras. Take a picture in an outdoor environment and you can feel the difference.

Price: $1.99



4. Instagram:

instagram photo editing iphone app

Instagram is free and yet so fast, beautiful and outrageous . It is one of the best iPhone app for photographers. There are a hundred million monthly users for instagram. It was never so easy to share the photos on twitter and Facebook. You can easily transform and tap the snap to share it with any of the social media sites that you use. It’s fun and ravishing for you.

Price: Free


5. Split Pic Pro:

split pic clone yourself iphone app

Split pic pro gives its customers a professional look. Split pic pro provides you with six new layouts and endless possibilities of features which includes clone yourself, swap body parts and make your own ghosts. The ability to upload photographs of your library and also it has the ability to make your photo unique with the help of special effect filters.

Price: $1.99


I hope so you like the above list of 5 best iPhone apps for photographers. You may checkout top 5 best iPhone fashion apps for womens. Stay tuned for more updates.


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  1. Ayesha

    Good one. I like split pro and camera awesome the best.

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    Thanks @Ayesha Stay in touch for more useful apps.

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