5 Best Free Mac Productivity Apps


March 23, 2013Mac Apps2 Comments

Free Mac productivity apps are trendy and popular in use since ages. They have unique interfaces and applications that make them stand out from the rest of the brands. However, if efficient and creative applications are not installed in your mac, it limits its infinite capabilities and resources. One can make the most out of these gadgets using some of the finest applications that make it easier and fun to use. Productivity apps are one of the most used apps among businessmen, students and other office workers. These include the office tools, graphs, charts, music, databases, presentations and much more. So today we compile a list of top 5 best free mac productivity apps for you. If you are a graphic designer or crazy about photo editing then i would love to share 10 best free Mac apps for graphic designers.

List of 5 Best Free Mac Productivity Apps:

1. iProcrastinate for mac and iPhones

iProcrastinate is a helpful productivity app especially designed for students. In usability, it is easy to use and arranges useful information for you and hides the unimportant ones. The tasks saved in the app’s storage can be assigned preferences or be removed. There are a few flaws but overall it’s a good app for students who need to be organized.

Free Mac Productivity Apps

Install iProcrastinate.

2. Cloud Printer

This amazing app allows you to print stuff from your mac. It is one of the best free mac productivity app. The printer to be used has to be enabled for the mac through Google cloud print. You may even modify the print options when the app launches and then submit it for printing. You should have a viewer for the file format that you wish to print or view.

cloud printer mac app

Install Cloud Printer.

3. Evernote

This is an award winning application ,also been ranked among the top 10 free mac productivity apps. Evernote basically takes notes, saves lists, web pages and create to do lists, helps attach images to PDF and much more than you can possibly imagine. You can also share your notes with friends through this app.

ever note free mac app

Install Evernote.

4. MindNode Lite

This is a mind mapping application for mac that is elegantly designed as a tool for brainstorming. It helps a lot in managing projects by organizing notes and tasks. Its most usable feature is brainstorm, which can create nodes with a click, create maps etc. other than that, organizing and sharing are also good to use.

mindnode free mac app

Install MindNode Lite.

5. Alfred

Alfred is an application that helps launch apps and makes searches easy. It is keyboard driven. Again, this is an award winning app multiple of times. Its features are application launcher, searching mac, searching the web, calculate and spell, system commands and custom searches. All are efficient and reliable.

alfred free mac app

 Install Alfred.

I hope so above list of top 5 best free mac productivity apps helps you in you business and professional life. I would also like to recommend top 5 best free Mac antivirus software. Stay in touch with us for more crazy and informative apps.

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  1. Mibs

    I’d also recommend PrioTime for iPad. It’s an actionable goal setting app to increase productivity. It helps to determine priorities by rating the elements of health, family, friends, home, finances, and other, assign goals and actions to each priority, and apply the tasks in the daily agenda (using iCal, gCal or Outlook). Additionally, PrioTime also provides tips on time management and productivity based on the specific priorities, goals and actions. It’s especially fun to use the app for achievements caption and social media integration. Available for download on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/priotime/id572552152?mt=8

  2. Ehsan

    Thanks @Mibs, Yeah this is also a very useful app.

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