5 Best Free Mac Antivirus Software


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Whenever viral diseases attack us we use some precautions and medicine. Medicine make
those viruses weak and we feel better. Similarly in the case of electronics specially cellular
phones, laptops and computers, sometimes these electronics attack by viruses. We use
medicine in this situation similarly these electronics also need something to speed up their
system. For this reason Macintosh introduces a lot of Mac antivirus softwares that delete all the virus from
the system and protect the system from upcoming viruses. While searching the best software
for my Mac system on the internet, I found the five best of all free Mac antivirus systems. If in any case you lose your important data due to virus attack then, i would like to recommend iPhone data recovery software for mac.


List of 5 Best Free Mac Antivirus Software:

Checkout the list of top 5 best free antivirus softwares for mac.

1. Avast:

It is the most commonly used program. Avast is the free virus scanner that is compatible with
Mac as well as with Windows. It has simple and easy to use interface. Avast is the reliable and
secured software you can download it free. After having Avast you will feel yourself lucky to
have it as it protects your computer with the extreme dangerous viruses that can severly harm
you system.

avast free-mac anivirus software

Download Avast.

2. ClamXav:

The best ClamXav is the free antivirus software use for Mac operating system. It has a famous
open source ClamAV that is an antivirus engine which is used as a backend. It has the capability
of detecting Mac and Windows threats as well.

clamxav mac antivirus software

Download ClamXav.

3. Comodo:

Comodo is the most popular virus scanner that is used by the time when Mac was considered
as the completely virus proof system. But this does not happen so long. As the growing quantity
of Mac systems the virus is also increasing day by day. Comodo protect these systems and make
them secure for a long time period.

Download Comodo.

4. Sophos:

Sophos is the free virus scanner. It is used for social networking security and protection for
example Email, mobile phones, web and many other networks. It is the most frequently and
admired software that everyone would love to use.

Download Sophos.

5. Avira:

Avira provides the best protection for the computers that we use personally as well as for
office use. There is an extra feature that not any other software contains is virus definition file.
Through VDF it has the ability to update itself automatically.

Download Avira.

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