5 Best Emergency Apps for iPhone


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Emergency Apps for iPhone:

Even if you’ve taken a first aid or CPR class in the past, remembering what to do when you are faced with an emergency can be difficult. Emergencies can throw the most level-headed person into a state of panic. If you download one of these top five apps onto your mobile device, you’ll always be prepared to handle an emergency situation.


List of 5 Best Emergency Apps for iPhone:

1. Pocket First Aid & CPR

Available for the iPhone, this application provides the latest information from the American Heart Association. First aid and CPR practices can change frequently. If you’ve not taken a hands-on class in some time, what you learn may be outdated. Download this app onto your Apple device and you’ll be prepared no matter what type of injury or emergency you are faced with.

2. In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Available for the Blackberry, this app lets you put an emergency card on your phone’s screen. You can add a contact person that first responders can call to retrieve your medical information, your blood type, any medications you are on, allergies and your doctor’s name and information. You can also input your health insurance information if you desire.

3. GotoAid This

Goto Aid This is a fantastic application for anyone needing help in a human or pet emergency. With over 400 topics to choose from, the app offers interactive tools that will help you when you are faced with an emergency. The app goes a step beyond the others and provides information for disaster situations. Do you know what to do if you are faced with a natural disaster? If you don’t, this app can help you immensely.

4. Emergency

Available for the iPhone, this app is a must have for travelers. Being injured while in another state or country can be overwhelming. Unless you’ve located hospitals and clinics in your destination before you left home, you’ll have no idea where to go when you are injured. This app uses your phone GPS system to find out where you are. Once you’re location is deduced, the app will give you the emergency number for the region as well as the location of hospitals and clinics.

5. PhoneAid

Available for iPhone, this app gives you voice instructions when you are faced with an emergency requiring first aid. Rather than having to hold your phone, look at instructions and perform first aid with your free hand, you can set the phone down and follow the verbal instructions offered by the app. While the app doesn’t cover all situations, it does cover the most basic: choking, CPR and cuts and scrapes.

If you are faced with injury or emergency, having one or more of these five applications can make the difference in how you treat yourself or someone else. Though these applications are of tremendous assistance, it would still benefit you to run through fake scenarios to get a feel for what you need to do. When you are confronted with a real emergency, you want to be as prepared as possible!

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