5 Best Data Recovery Apps for Android


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In this generation, there is a great demand for data recovery apps in the android market as they are entertaining and useful in compiling the daily tasks. Android is capturing the market with their apps and its Smartphone technology.  Their features are competing with Apple, the leading gadget manufacturer in the market. Not only with Apple devices, Android also stands as a competition with the other device and Smartphone makers like Blackberry, Windows and Intel. The launch of the android operating system boosted the mobile technology and demand among many individuals.

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Android has millions of applications which are used for several purposes in daily life such as finance, business, education, entertainment and many more. If you wish to use android apps, you need to own android device. If you do not have adequate cash to afford this Smart device, you can opt for Same day loans also known as instant loans. These apps can also be downloaded and used as per the user requirements and needs. Apart from these categories, there are a few applications which can recover your lost data that has been misplaced from your files. Here are a few of the free data recovery applications in android.

List of 5 Best Data Recovery Apps for Android:

1. App Backup and Restore

This application recovers your important data and restores them safely that is misplaced from your files. It keeps a protected copy of all your files, messages, contacts, photos and videos. If you have lost any of the data, this app can back-up or extract your data from protected copies at any time. It is the most downloaded and used application by many people to recover lost data. This app is free of cost.

App Backup and Restore

2. J S Backup:

J S Back-up is another android application which allows you to recover or extract your essential data. It recovers data like SMS, MMS, call history, contacts, bookmarks, calendars, applications, music and images. It stores the data in CSV format comma separated variables, and can be recovered whenever you want. It stores your data in the cloud storage devices like GoogleDocs, Dropbox and SugarSync. It also holds the history of your recovered data.

J S Backup android app

3. BackMeUp:

This application offers the best and the simplest way to recover your data. It has three data recovering techniques; they are Synchronise, Echo and Contribute. It helps you to save your data in the different sections after recovering and help you create different backup profiles with changed settings. It extracts your files from different location and directories.

Back Me Up android app

4. App Backup and Restore:

This application backups your data and saves it in different locations. When you are saving data in the directories and files, this application will save a copy of that data in a secured and hidden folder. It keeps the copy of your messages, contacts, pictures and videos in the secured folder that can be restored at any time you want. It can save all your contacts, messages, call history, calendar, photos, music and videos. If any data is lost from your files, it automatically recovers them for you.

5. AppExtractor:

This application is a tool which helps you to recover and restore the SMS, MMS, Applications and essential files. It can do five backups at one time and saves it to the secured locations. It can recover every file and restores the files at the desired locations. It uses the device memory to backup all the misplaced data and keep it secured.

AppExtractor android backup app

These applications help you to organise the recovery process and get your important files and documents back. The above are some of the best data recovery apps in Android. If possible you can even check with other data recovery apps.


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