5 Best Clock Apps for Android


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Timers are specialized clocks designed to record the amount of time taken by a process or activity. Timers measure time in two ways: counting upwards from zero, like a stopwatch, or counting down from a specific time interval, like a kitchen timer.

Timers are useful for a wide range of everyday activities. They’re useful in our personal lives, helping us keep track of our progress in physical activities to helping to prepare the daily meal. They have professional uses as well, and are critical to the ensuring the success of many laboratory experiments, medical procedures and industrial processes.

These days, you don’t need to carry a stopwatch around or make room on the counter for a kitchen timer. Timers have advanced considerably since the days of hourglasses and water clocks. Like just about everything else, they’ve gone digital. Today you can download a wide array of timer apps for just about every activity or event you need to measure. Here are few of my favorite Android timer apps, all available for free:


Ultimate Stopwatch is a graphical stopwatch and countdown timer developed by Geekyouup.

The screen display looks like an old fashioned stopwatch, making this app fun and easy to use. The Ultimate Stopwatch is great for timing or counting down to just about anything! This app has been updated so that the animation uses much less battery power.

The Ultimate Stopwatch is really easy to use. To start or stop, merely touch the stopwatch. A reset button in the upper right hand corner clears both the timer and lap-times. If you wish to record a lap-time, tap the bottom of the screen while the tuner is running. Access the menu to switch between stopwatch and countdown modes.



The Simple Stopwatch and Timer is offered by developer Illsley. It is a simple and accurate stopwatch and timer with three different operating modes: stopwatch and lap timer, countdown timer (which can also be used as a kitchen timer), and a repeating countdown timer that can be used for circuit training.

Some of the features of the Simple Stopwatch and Timer app include: lap statistics, landscape mode (larger display numbers to make viewing from a distance easier, notification icon, and you can keep the screen on.



Lap Timer is a great app available from Midland Android Apps. This app lets you save your timer history, the timer runs while not being displayed, and will automatically save the timer to history when stopped. In addition, you can export your saved history to an SD card, use volume buttons to control the timer and special controls prevent the screen from timing out or locking, and write descriptions of your saved histories.



The Lab Timer app is from GrayWolf Mobile. Lab Timer is a configurable four-channel laboratory timer/ stopwatch that’s been optimized to keep track of simultaneous experiments.  The interface display looks just like a digital lab timer. As a former lab technician I got a lot of good use out of this app.



Created by Roberto Leinardi, this app is just what its name implies – it’s a kitchen timer. Some of the kitchen timer’s features allow you to close the app without stopping the timer, save your presets, and customize your alarm with sounds, colors or vibrations. No more overcooked or undercooked foods when you use the Kitchen Timer app.


These are just a few of the many free Android timer apps available for download.  There are so many to choose from that you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your needs.  You don’t need a bunch of complicated devices to keep track of your lap times or to tell you when dinner is ready. All you need is a phone and the right apps and you’ll be ready to have the timer of your life.

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