5 Best Cinemagraphs Apps for iPhone


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Cinemagraphs is a really awesome photo effect technique in which elusive motion is added in the still photo. Before moving forward I will simple explain this Cinemagraphs effect to those who are unaware of it. It is just like a GIF image but in Cinemagraphs GIF image only few element in the photo moves while the rest of photo stay still. These are really amazing effects sometime look freaky, funny and interesting.

There are many PC and Mac apps are available in the market for these effects but now it is also available for smartphones like iPhone, Android and Windows phone. To create a Cinemagraphs image effect in your iPhone, all you need to do; import the video from your gallery or shoot it on spot. Today we compile a list of 5 best Cinemagraphs apps for iPhone. Checkout out them and chose the one which appeals you most. I would also like to share another amazing iPhone group photo app, which even take the photo of photographer.

List of 5 Best Cinemagraphs Apps for iPhone:

1. Flixel:


Flixel is another cool photo animation app which offers you to create a an animated GIF file, MP4 file and a cinemagraphy.


How to create cinemagraphy with Flixel:

  1. This app only allows you 4 second of recording which later on can be trimed.
  2. After recording it gives you 2 options, save it as animation or make a cinemagraph.
  3. To create cinema graph, tap the “Cinemagraph it” button and highlight the area that you want as Cinemagraph.

2. iCinegraph:


How to create animation with iCinegraph:

  1. Chose video from iPhone gallery or record a new clip.
  2. Now pick a keyframe for static background and then highlight the area that you want to animate.
  3. Now save the animation as cinemagraph.

ICinegraph iphone app

You can also create cinemagraphs of your puppy or cat, as you can see in the above animation and share it your friends.

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3. Echograph:

Echograph is one of the best and easy to use app, which offers you to create a cool cinemagraph in just 3 steps.


How to create cinema graph with Echograph App:

  1. Cut the duration of video to 5 seconds or less. You can do that by adjusting the front and back slide of playback bar.
  2. You can also select the still frame as background. Chose the still frame from any point of original video with the help of playback slider.
  3. Now highlight the area that you want to animate, it creates a really awesome cinema graph as you can see in the below screen shot.


4. Cinemagram:

Cinemagram is another amazing and free cinemagraphs iPhone app, which allows you to create animation easily and quickly.


  1. Simple record a video with iPhone, extract part with you want to make cinemagraphs.
  2. For creating animation simple highlight the area which you want to animate and change the speed of your cinemagraphs.

CinemagrAm iphone app

5. Kinatopic:

Kinatopic is a free photo animation app for iPhone.


  1. It allows you to record 3 second video or you can trim existing video from iPhone video library.
  2. Then add filters and highlight the area that you wish to animate.
  3. Unique feature of this app is that it offers to stabilize your clip.

kinotopic iphone app

The video stabilizing feature allows you to remove hand shaky effects.

After checking all the amazing cinemagraphc iPhone apps, now you are crazy about creating your own animation. Try different thing, share them with your friends and also with us. Have funJ.

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