5 Best Android App Development Tools


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Android software development is the process of bringing about the most innovative developmental tools for Android users. The statistics show that in the year 2012 more than 7 million applications have been developed for android and that took billions of downloads ( a rough estimate is 25 billion ). Android keeps hold of a number of tools that helps you develop the applications. You may checkout the top 5 Android apps for designers and developers here.


List of 5 Best Android App Development Tools:

1) Android SDK:


The SDK is the brilliant tool for the developers to start development on android. It is the finest tool and even the IDE of the eclipse is there for the beginners of development in android applications. In android SDK new versions the component modularity has been made easier. Go check it out developers. Download Android SDK.

2) Native D-evelopment Toolkit (NDK):


NDK is the tool kit for developers who want to develop apps in C or C++. It basically serves the gaming purposes. It remarkably increases app’s performance but also induces the complexity. In general the code lovers in C or C++ can work wonders with the toolkit of NDA. Download Native D-evelopment Toolkit (NDK).

3) HyperNext Android Creator:

HAC is a mighty fine tool to make any kind of apps that a developer desires. It is very much similar to the Google app inventor. The best part of using HAC is that it doesn’t demand any previous programming language or experience with Android. Download HyperNext Android Creator.

4) SDL (simple direct media layer):


SDL is a multimedia library that works across almost all the platforms of operating systems. It is used by MPEG, games and also the new award winning Linux port known as “Linux port of civilization”. SDL can be developed in any of the famous programming languages i-e C, C++, Java, python, ruby, Haskell, C# and many more. Bang on developers. Download SDL (simple direct media layer).

5) Accessory Development Kit:


ADK is regarded as a toolkit used by hardware implementers to use it as a building block of their work in Android apps. The accessories that can be made by this toolkit include the weather forecasting station, exercise machines, medical related hardware and probably anything hardware that adds the functionality to the Android apps. Download Accessory Development Kit.

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