101VOICE The App Which Introduces Business To Home


December 24, 2013AndroidNo comments

For large business owners, sometimes their business life intrudes rudely into their personal life and they end up dedicating a major portion of their time in the office. This is irritating as well as annoying and cumbersome. But with the introduction of the 101VOICE application to the Android world, this issue is easily settled. The compatibility of the app is an Android OS of 2.1 and more.

Features of the 101 VOICE Office Mobile phone app:

Conduct all office related calls via your personal cellular now. This being the major perks of the app, it is also worth to mention that it can work perfectly fine from tablets too. Outgoing calls display your 101VOICE ID and not your personal number. Plus extensions which are provisioned at your office telephone are just as functional by means of this app.

Acquiring the luxury of business functionality on your phone alongside “mobile” benefits is one of the main reasons why businessmen greatly laud and recommend this app. Regardless of the user’s location, the extensions for co workers can be used effectively. The usage of 4G or WiFi to run the app is appropriate and either one can be selected. A Voicemail box comes alongside the app too!

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The ability to separate users’ business life from their personal one is remarkably high on this app in addition to keeping them both in one place which is just as outstanding. Users who are travelling internationally can even steer clear of roaming charges by making use of WiFi hotspots and our 101 VOICE calling plan.

The support team is always attentive of users’ complaints, reviews, advice and suggestions. Any recommended additions are put into consideration and any errors or bugs discovered are removed almost instantaneously.

Regular updates are one of the main perks of the app and all necessary tweaks and fixes are carried out with care and precision. Plenty of positive ratings by pleased and grateful customers make up the overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. Positive reviews about the entirely free of charge app can also be found in abundance.

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